We are the Hanna Family...

"Yvonne's puppies seem to be extra special!"


- Becky H

"I could not have "designed" a more perfect puppy!"


-Joann M

"He has so many wonderful qualities that can only be contributed to breeding!"

-Bobbi N

Thank you for taking time to read “Our Story”.


We live in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Kevin, who is a contractor, built our home, which nestles between two prominent Tennessee Mountains. We affectionately call our home “Mountain View Farm.”


I am a stay-at-home mom who home schools our daughter. This allows us to put a lot of time and care into the Cavachon puppies that we raise. Grace plays the piano and harp and the puppies seem to quite enjoy listening. In fact, you will sometimes walk by the music room and see a puppy or two asleep on her lap while she practices. (It’s so soothing; it puts me to sleep too!)


We have enjoyed raising puppies for many years. In fact, Grace was just about the size of a pup herself when we began! I was so very fortunate, in the beginning stages, to have a wonderful mentor to come along side and direct me in the importance of a solid breeding program. We started with Bichon Frise. We chose this breed for so many great reasons. The first reason was their fantastic personalities. Secondly, they were hypo-allergenic. We started with a male and female that came from some of the best bloodlines ever in the history of the Bichon Frise and we continued from there.


One of the things that my mentor once said to me was “Anyone can breed two dogs together… What sets one breeder apart from another is the QUALITY of puppies you are providing to the families that are placing their trust in you! Remember that “Longevity Depends on Quality.”


We were introduced to the Cavachon after Kevin’s father passed away and through a strange set of events. You can always count on the Lord to “make beauty from ashes!” We fell in love immediately but cautiously proceeded in the direction of breeding Cavachon puppies, always mindful of the importance of creating the BEST Cavachon we possibly could. Even though the Cavachon is a “hybrid” dog, Longevity Still Depends on QUALITY!


We so enjoy raising puppies and receive such satisfaction from the wonderful feedback, the relationships we’ve formed and the joy our puppies bring to so many families. You can hear from some of our adoptive families in our "Reviews" page.


From Our Home and Hearts to Yours,



Yvonne, Kevin & Grace