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I have been shipping my puppies with Delta’s Pet’s First program for years and I promise you it has always been a good experience. Shipping is just $350.00 (standard flight) and I will take care of all the arrangements for the flight. All you have to do is be there with arms open wide when your baby arrives! It’s that easy!


Shipping Includes:


• Airfare In the United States

• Airline Approved Pet Crate

• Health Certificate

• Rabies Certificate (if your puppy is old enough to receive the vaccine)

• Baby Blanket Toy/Scent Cloth for Memory of Mommy Dog, Litter  Mates and Familiar Surroundings

• Food Samples

• Some Fun Surprises!


Note: Should you decide to adopt two babies at the same time (many folks do!) there is no additional cost for the second baby to fly.


We have on occasion had requests to have puppies fly into other countries. Each request is taken into consideration and we do our best to accommodate. A few years back, we had a resort director of one of the top 10 resorts in the world ask us to fly his wife two puppies into Cabo Mexico. Of course, that was just too far for them to go all by themselves so we graciously accepted his invitation to stay and vacation at the resort for 2 weeks if we would bring his babies to them. Now, not all requests have such a wonderful and irresistible proposition but each request is taken into consideration.


We can also meet you at the McGhee Tyson Airport so that you (or your representative) can fly your baby home with you in the cabin.


"We met David at our local airport when he flew in to pick up Rolland". (pictures on the right)





"We have Owen and everything went great, we cannot thank you enough! He is sooooo calm, happy and his tail is wagging!!"


-The Steiner Family (picture on the bottom right)