Cavachons are gentle - yet packed with personality!



One look into a Cavachon’s friendly eyes and adorable face and you can’t help but fall in love! Their playful and spirited nature steals the hearts of all who see them. Cheerful, responsive, and naturally playful, Cavachons are exceptional family pets and a pure delight to own. These beautiful dogs are extremely sociable, highly intelligent, and affectionate. They are devoted companions who love to be around people or even other dogs! Its no wonder these faithful companions are becoming a very popular breed of choice!


Cavachons love to romp and play outdoors or simply snuggle. They are excellent for families with children but they also do very well with elderly owners. Cavachons make a great addition to any family, be it in an apartment, condo or house!


Cavachons range in size between 8-20 pounds, so whether you’re looking for a baby that can fit in a chic shoulder bag or a larger baby, the Cavachon will compliment your every need and lifestyle.


There are NO registered colors for the Cavachon breed. They come in a range of colors, and these colors vary in degrees of one another. A Cavachon’s coat can be curly, wavy or straight.